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Young Californians Share Their Favorite Holiday Traditions

Posted  December 20, 2017  by  Hannah Esqueda

Editor’s Note: The holidays are here and young people across the state are celebrating with their families, friends and communities. From making tamales and buñuelos, to ringing in the Hmong New Year, youth reporters from the Youthwire network share their favorite holiday traditions. Read their responses below: Merced The New Year Festival dates back thousands […]

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Fight the food coma; Stay woke this holiday

Posted  November 21, 2017  by  Hannah Esqueda

Above: Students and staff hand out free produce at University of California, Merced. Recent studies have shown the campus deals with high rates of food insecurity among its student population, echoing a larger hunger trend within Merced County. (Photo by Hannah Esqueda) By Hannah Esqueda For many, the approaching winter holiday season is a time […]

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We’ced Reviews Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors

Posted  November 16, 2017  by  Hannah Esqueda

Above: Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors was almost too spooky for our youth reporters. (Photo by Aaliyah Jensen) By Cassandra Avitia and Aaliyah Jensen SNELLING, Calif.–Snelling’s Ranch of Horrors originally opened in 2015 in a secluded place out in Snelling. But only this year has it gained lots of attention due to the recent close of […]

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For Merced Union, school discipline is an evolving artform

Posted  October 27, 2017  by  Hannah Esqueda

Over the last decade, school districts throughout the state have begun to reevaluate “black-and-white policies that would discipline students automatically regardless of individual circumstances,” she said.

Much of this coincided with the passing of Assembly Bill 1729, which allowed superintendents and principals more discretion to provide alternatives to suspension and expulsion for students, said Mike Richter, associate principal at Golden Valley High School (GVHS) in Merced.

Teachers and staff are now encouraged to look at a student’s complete behavioral pattern before determining an appropriate course of action.

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Growing pains in Merced’s healthcare scene

Posted  October 20, 2017  by  Hannah Esqueda

Above: Ciera Coronado of Merced High School prepares to measure the pulse of a fellow student during an equipment training at Merced College. Organized by Central Valley Health Network, the event drew more than 300 local high school students interested in careers in the medical field. (Photo by Hannah Esqueda) By Hannah Esqueda MERCED, Calif. […]

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