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Amid Fears of Trump, Undocumented Students at UC Merced Find Courage to Speak Out

Posted December 1, 2016 by Hannah Esqueda

“I think a lot of people don’t really know what DACA is. People think [Trump] can’t really do anything about it, but they don’t really understand the difference between an executive order and the law,” she said. “He can literally just take that piece of paper and throw it in the trash and that will be it. It won’t mean anything anymore.”

Fear of a Trump presidency is in fact prompting many to shy away from applying for the program or from renewing their paperwork out of fear their information will be used by the government to initiate deportation proceedings against them.

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A Child of Incarceration

Posted September 22, 2016 by We'Ced

Everyday my dad is in that jail, I fear he may die because of harsh treatment prisoners are subjected to. This month inmates in prisons around the country, including where my dad is incarcerated, went on a hunger strike to protest the cruel treatment they receive. I wanted to go on hunger strike too, but my mom says that I am too young. She has joined the strike for me and has not eaten since September 9th.

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Merced in a ‘Drought’ When It Comes to Youth Employment

Posted September 15, 2016 by Hannah Esqueda

The opportunities for employment available to young people within Merced are very limited, said Michelle Xiong, youth coordinator with Building Health Communities Merced. Besides working in the fast food industry, very few jobs are marketed to teens and young adults.

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Open Carry Laws are Harmful in School Settings

Posted September 6, 2016 by We'Ced

If you allow students to carry firearms onto a college campus you are setting people up for harm. The college environment is filled with stress, alcohol, and peer pressure, and if you add easy access to firearms it becomes a ticking time bomb ready to explode. There is also the possibility of would-be vigilantes thinking they can stop crime with a gun. This could lead to needless deaths and incidents of cops shooting the wrong person in the crime.

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We’Ced Weighs In: Reflections on the Desert Vista High School Incident

Posted January 30, 2016 by We'Ced

Over the weekend, a photo of six smiling Desert Vista High School students dressed in black shirts emblazoned with gold letters as they arranged to spell a racial slur, surfaced on the internet. The viral image sparked nationwide headlines and responses on social media. We’Ced reporters discussed the incident and the aftermath. Below are their reflections.

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