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Future of California’s Economy In Hands of Latinos

June 23, 2015 / By
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Though the numbers are grim, perhaps the tide is beginning to turn. A bright spot: on Friday May 22nd, the 52nd Annual Commencement ceremony at Merced College took place and of the 1,180 degrees and certificate awarded, a majority went to Latinos.

Merced Youth Advocate During State Capitol Visit

April 17, 2015 / By
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A group of 13 Merced youth, ranging from ages 12 to 24, visited the State Capitol last Tuesday in a trip organized by the Merced Organizing Project (MOP). Their mission was to bring attention to issues plaguing their community such as violence, education and health care.

Napolitano to Gov. Brown — ‘What Went Down Must Come Up’

April 16, 2015 / By
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UC President Janet Napolitano is locked is a battle with California Gov. Jerry Brown and the state legislature over restoring funding to the University cut during the recession. In an interview with NAM Editor Peter Schurmann, Napolitano says the stakes are much higher than a budget tussle. They go to the heart of what role California and the nation sees for public higher education.

Crowdfunding My Way To College

August 1, 2014 / By
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I was doubtful, but I was also in need. So I created my profile and website, explaining my situation. When I woke up 12 hours later, I had received more than $1000 in donations.

El Capitan: Merced’s New High School On The Block

February 7, 2013 / By
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Everyone has different views about El Capitan. This school definitely stands out from the other high schools in the district and I feel it is a much-needed change that can lower the student population of the over crowded high school. In conclusion, El Capitan can change the way students experience high school. In the future,
if technology is successful at El Capitan, we will see those changes in Merced High and Golden Valley. El Capitan has a promising future and I hope it leaves a lasting impact in our community.