Not So Happy Memories

August 26, 2022 /

Toxic like the unfiltered water I drink when there’s nothing left,toxic like the love I get ,one minute you want me the next minute you don’t ,

Shattered the feeling I felt when you broke me ,broken like a glass that’s all I’ll ever be,hurtful like the toxic words that slip out of your mouth with such ease ,do you really love me ?,but toxic isn’t what I can be,I’m not like you and you’re not like me ,toxic like air I breathe  while bombs go off around me ,I hope that I survive but I can’t help but breathe ,save me as I say to myself in hopes that you’ll hear me ,toxic is what I’ll never be because I’m not like you and you’re not like me ,toxic is what you are but you’re too blind to see that you and I are not the same ,you flood the air I breathe in hopes I’ll burn to flames ,angry is what you want me to be but calm is all I will ever be,toxic is what you are but you’ll never see,what you want me to be so you hurt me in hopes I’ll grow to be the same but instead I grow differently,I’ve learned from you but you haven’t learned from me that isn’t the way to be ,toxic is what you taught but isn’t what I have to be,responsibility changes me and embraces me as I wait patiently,to be free from your shackles ,free your restraints,free from all your lies you tell in hopes that I’ll stay ,free from the cage you put in me but didn’t expect me to outgrow , grow differently it will always show,toxic