Youth Journalism

December 10, 2013 / By

I started out like most any young person would, unsure of what to write about. As I continued going to our bi-weekly meetings, I got more comfortable with the group as they accepted me for who I am. By them not judging me or neglecting me, I felt I had a voice. It felt good. I wanted every young person to share in my experience, so I started out by writing my first article about my childhood.

Where is El Nido?

December 9, 2013 / By
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To me, El Nido is a pretty cool place to live, even though it is super small and unknown by many people. It continues to be funny to me that people don’t know El Nido exists, because our school actually gets involved with the more known schools in Merced, though sporting and other events. Hopefully people will become more aware that this place they’re always driving by, with a few houses and a lot of farmland, is actually El Nido!

Living With Diabetes As A Teen

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Navigating my life as a young diabetic once felt like a tre flip off a nine-stair. And even though it will never again be like an ollie off a two-stair, as long as I’m in control and on my feet, doing what I need to do to land on my board, I’ll be okay.

Coco and I: The Importance of A Pet

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Coco took a piece of my heart with her to the grave, but I am thankful for the memories I have of my times with her. They help fill the void of her absence. Happiness is what she has brought me and I’ll always be happy when I think of her. As always a best friend would want another to be happy alive or not.

Rejection and Harassment: Life As An LGBT Teen

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                         Photo: some rights reserved wolfpeterson by Ana Llimet Editor’s Note: This story was originally published in We’Ced Youth Magazine Issue #2 I was in 3rd grade and I had just gotten out of the restroom when a group of girls approached me.