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Does Ferguson, MO Matter to Merced Teens?

August 27, 2014 / By
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I feel like the police have no place in this situation due to them being the cause of the tragedy that starting this in the first place. That whole family are the victims. The most important point to me is that a cop shot an unarmed young individual, like who hell does that?!

Bullying, It Hurts

December 10, 2013 / By
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Bullying isn’t impossible to stop -- it just takes education and effort. I hope one day we can all close our eyes for a second and not judge the person next to us by how they look, but instead judge them by who they are. Not their chains or snapbacks or their expensive clothes, but their hearts and souls. We are all unique and beautiful in our own special way.

School Transportation

February 7, 2013 / By
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Students have been walking two to three miles every day just to get to and from school. Back when 
this school year started the weather was fine to walk in but ever since fall began, the weather has been getting worse and lately it’s been cold and
rainy. Some students walk
on streets with no sidewalks, like the students who have to wade through parts of Childs Avenue to get to Golden Valley High School. Not only are there no sidewalks in some of these areas but also some parts are easily flooded when it rains. How are they expected to get to school on time or even make it to school?