1920 but it’s 2020

January 11, 2024 /

In 2020 there was a global pandemic. For the safety of people and those vulnerable to getting sick , people (who were able) were advised to stay home. The reason for the title was a reference to the 1920’s also known as the “ Roaring 20’s” was a time in the United States, for loud music and large gatherings. In 2020 I turned 20 and there was no large gatherings and loud music everywhere. It was scary, and lonely, but after a while I was able to express myself creatively at home and find community online. There was also the BLM movement that exploded and that was amazing to see, there was a lot of art and momentum. Specifically for acknowledging how broken the criminal justice system is, Uplifting bipoc, queer, artists, activists, small business and pushing for more representation, fair wages, and mental health resources. 

Illustration of a person sitting at a table, looking out the window.
Illustrator: Priscilla Sanchez