We’Ced Photography and Meaning

March 29, 2024 /

We’Ced Youth members showcase their photography and the deeper meaning behind an image.


The sunshine is bright on this beautiful afternoon. It covers the whole picture, expressing to me that no matter what in life, it’s always bright. The fence represents a cage because there will be times you feel trapped. However, the sun is brighter than the cage.


A glass ball that was used for a project during school. With my friends and I being in the background as I’m taking the picture. The setting is very beautiful I would like to say. It gives very much nature aesthetic with the flowers in the background. It kinda makes this picture when somebody is looking at it be in a very happy mood since it’s very clear and sunny. I know for sure it makes me happy.


The cat in the photo is torn between the comfort of the known inside and the attraction of the unknown outside. The photo is almost a moment frozen in time, capturing the essence of both longing for exploration and the comfort of familiarity.The cats gaze out the window captures a mix of curiosity and contentment. While also symbolizing the internal struggle we all face at times. Like the cat, we often find ourselves at a crossroads, torn between staying within our comfort zone and venturing into the unknown.


I took this photo while visiting home for the weekend and meeting up with some of my old friends from high school. Ever since I’ve moved to college it’s been harder to see my old friends and I miss them everyday. However, even though all of us are in different places now—some of us working, some of us at college, some of us in high school—we’re still connected the same as when we all lived in the same cityand we’ll always find our ways back to each other. This photo symbolizes the bond we have with each other, which is why it’s meaningful to me.


The mood and story I want to convey is that weced is a chill place. It’s not just a place to work but also family. We laugh and smile with each other whenever we meet and have good times. As a member of weced and YLI I am honored to be a part of this community and company. I came for the pizza, I stayed for the community.


The image depicts an elk skin drum being played. The importance of this drum is that it was created with love, in community. With the purpose to offer prayers, stay grounded, and continue Indigenous practices. It was handmade in a guided drum making gathering led by Chunya Johnson. He shared with us a Choctaw story about the elk, he said his people believe the elk guides them to continue their native practices. And to not do so would result in the death of their soul.


This photo shows me showing my sister, Akina, a beautiful flower. We both love beautiful flowers, and it shows the love I have for her. Me and my big sister Akina were not as close as we are now. This picture represents the growth from fighting to loving each other more. This shows a beautiful day that I will always remember because it reminds me that I will always have my sister. No one can ever take her place.


This picture captures of eerie and mysterious atmosphere. The dim lighting adds to the sense of suspense and intrigue. The empty hallway and the soft light streaming through create a serene atmosphere that invites me to take a moment to relax and reflect on things. It’s a mood that makes me think I’m stepping into a peaceful oasis where I can escape from all the busyness in life. I feel at ease and content when I see this picture.


This photo was taken from my job around 6:25 in the morning. I normally am not a morning person but being about to see the colors swirl is beautiful. Seeing the way nature has constructed a mosaic of colorsfor something as simple as a sunrise. Makes me grateful to be alive in a time like this. The mood I am going for gratitude, somber, and tranquility.


I chose this image because it’s one of the most subtle yet powerful posters I have seen in Merced these past 3 years. I decided to write on this image since it focuses not only on the image but it also gives an insight on the location; Merced. While Merced may be in the valley, some of the progressive movements and ideologies are finding it’s way to be interpreted differently. The way I interpret this photo is that Mercedians are tired of the rich. This image goes further by indicating that the youth is behind this art since it uses a newer term “Yeet” instead of “eat” or “tax” the rich.

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