A Jungle of Struggles

August 15, 2012 /

Once upon a time there was a pregnant mother, a father and a man in white. The mother was pure and blessed, the father was empty and evil but the man in white was just a messenger, some might say a delivery boy. The mother was in labor, screaming in pain so the wicked father gave her a magical plant to consume. The mother did as she was told and consumed the magical plant. The father wanted to control her but she refused, so the father raised his hand like a skyscraper and struck down like lightning and thunder, loud and quick. The mother had no choice but to defend herself, but she was still in labor and in pain. She tried her best and it paid off. With help from the messenger, the mother finally delivered her message. The pain was over for the mother, but this was only the first day of her motherhood.

That was the story of how I was born, my father slapped my mom and my mom got up, while she was in labor, and started to defend herself. I never really figured out why my dad did what he did, I can only guess he was trying to induce her labor or he is just evil. After that, my mother took me and ran away to Sacramento where her sister, my aunt, lived. There is where my life took a turn for the worst.

My aunt had three children and two other teens living with her. My mom had to work nights so I didn’t see her as much at night and in the day she was in and out. I was barely going to preschool so I was about four or five. My aunt drank at nights and often went to run errands during the day. Most of the other kids tagged along and I would sometimes stay home with one of the other older children. Without getting into specifics, I had to endure different kinds of abusive behavior at the time. I was the only child living in a house of teens and I was also the youngest, so I didn’t get anything I wanted. I was also picked on like everyday, so I cried often. So many times, I cried so much at night and felt so alone and scared. Finally, my mom and my aunt got into an argument one night, drunk, and we were on our way out of Sacramento.

We moved back to Merced with my great-grandmother. I was so ecstatic and thrilled, I finally felt safe! That would not last forever, there would soon be a twist, a twist I didn’t see coming.

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