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I started to write poetry two months ago. It helps me think my thoughts out on paper. It has opened my life. I remember seeing a TV show a while ago that spoke about the power of poetry, how it was a way to speak your mind out. I thought it may be able to help me out, so I started to write. When I was writing, I didn’t know what I was writing was poetry until one day my mom walked in and took my notebook and started to read it. The next day she said I had a talent, a gift.

When I write, I think about my life and I express my feelings. I wrote for a long time without sharing it with anyone. The reason I felt comfortable to share my poetry with We’Ced was because the group are good listeners with bright minds and they’re my friends now. They are like family to me and I’m glad to be a part of the group. The following poems are a few of my works:


What You Are

You’re the peanut to my butter,

the star to my burst,

the pop to my tart,

the fruit to my loop,

but most importantly,

you’re the best to my friend.




I’ll Always

I’ll always be beside you

until the very end, wiping

all your tears away,

being your best friend.

I’ll smile when you smile

and feel all the pain that you do,

and if you cry a single tear,

I promise I’ll cry too.

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