ValleyPBS: Youth Leadership Video

March 11, 2013 /

Earlier this year, We’Ced got a call from ValleyPBS asking to pay us a visit for a segment they were filming on youth leadership. Excited and humbled, We’Ced accepted the offer and hosted two ValleyPBS representatives during one of our youth meetings. They answered our routine check-in questions and sat in on our meeting, afterwards they spoke with several of our members as well as We’Ced coordinator, Andres Reyes, on how We’Ced promotes youth leadership and the effect it’s been having on our youth members. In February, the video aired on television and it’s not available for stream online.

Check out the video which also features segments on Fresno’s SUCCESS program (Students Unified to Create a Climate of Engagement Support and Safety) and Youth Leadership Institute. For more information about ValleyPBS and their Kids Count series, check out their website.

Watch Youth Leadership on PBS. See more from Kids Count.

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