We’Ced Weighs In: Donald Trump’s Executive Orders

January 31, 2017 /

By We’Ced Youth Media

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Editor’s Note: Within days of being inaugurated as President of the United States, Donald Trump, signed a series of Executive Orders  hoping to fulfill promises he made during his campaign. While Republicans applauded the quick unraveling of former President Obama’s policies, many Americans were left in disbelief.

On January 27th, Trump signed  an order restricting the entry of immigrants from seven Muslim countries:  Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. Within hours, people returning to the U.S., including permanent residents, were denied entry into the country.  Immigrants’ Rights activist and lawyers called the ban unconstitutional. Activists staged protests in major airports throughout the country. Just days into his presidency, Trump had created mass panic and instilled fear in millions of Americans.

After discussing the political climate, We’Ced reporters weighed in on the impact Trumps executive orders will have on the country.



“The future is very dark for America thanks to Trump. In less than five days he has made 12 executive orders that will continue to have devastating effects on most of the country. The Affordable Care Act  helps a large amount of people and without it how are these people supposed to afford their health care? Or the Mexico City Policy. Who are we to say whether or not another country should receive funding if they support the right to choose abortion? Trump is destroying all the progress our country has made in the past eight years.”

-Victor Seguin, 18


“I think we are screwed. We have a man that is sitting at the president’s seat acting like a god and thinking he has command of everything. I feel he is intentionally overturning policies, like health care coverage, just because he has a vendetta against President Obama.  It’s uncool that most of the people here suffer because of his thoughts and actions.”


“We need to start organizing in order to counteract everything Trump is doing. For me that means calling local government offices, counties, and mobilizing people. This means informing people and really working together to protect our communities.”

-Flor Aquino, 19


“’Undocumented and unafraid’ is something I have proclaimed as a student and organizer for the last several years. But as a daughter, sister, nieta, sobrina, my fear is starting to grow. Why can’t I say that I am “unafraid?” Let’s see, because I feel and hear my parents’ voices shake now. I hear them pray for the best. We didn’t see it coming, we didn’t imagine how Trump’s actions would determine our future. I was loud for many years, sharing where I was from, where I was going, and who I was. Slowly, my voice is getting quieter and quieter.”

-Leslie, 19


“I feel the actions Donald Trump has taken are stupid because a lot of benefited from the polices Obama implemented. The United States is supposed to be a democratic place where people have rights, but now  Trump wants to change everything and take that away and just punish  undocumented people. Many families are now living in fear. They came to the U.S. searching for a better life , not to be criminals and rapists like Trump claims.  I think Trump is the biggest mistake to happen to this country.”

-Maria Dominguez, 15


“These executive orders give you a chilling breeze of wind that we’re never quite experienced before. One that bypasses your safest article of clothing  and maliciously crawls into your spine. Donald Trump has not been in office more than six days and has addressed executive orders to the point where his presidency has averaged two executive orders a day. That wall that he talked about, the one we wouldn’t pay for? Well it’s coming and the worst part is that the most of us seem to be on the wrong side of it. No one wins when Trump decides to cut funding to any programs, but my worst fear is that he actually has a plan. That these orders are not just impulsive decisions. I’m afraid that he’s got something harder to swallow coming for us.”

-Alex Lopez


“I believe all these executive actions by Donald Trump are very selfish, and he needs to look into the future. Instead of making these noncritical decisions, he should take the time to think about the impact they will have. He should not be the one to decide for females. Continue to stay loud about these topics. We can talk about how we feel through our stories, and getting people to talk about these things in person today with unbiased minds.”

-Nisa Salazar, 18


“In five days, Donald Trump has managed to put forth 12 executive orders and diminish all men. He is causing all women to hate men. But he does not represent all men. He is just a man who got lucky by winning the electoral college. Trump doesn’t value women, people who struggle day to day. Receiving health care can save lives. Abortions give women the right to choose. Some people are feeling helpless and fearful. Parents who need healthcare, who struggle to make ends meet.  Trump is flipping america upside down and changing things for the worse. We need to do things now before things get worse and people fear the outside. They fear a man who is supposed to make us better and decide how we should live.”

-Alexander Salas, 18


“All of these executive orders are mind blowing. This is really showing how uneducated Trump is. I hope people start realizing the kind of man Trump really is. I feel sad for all these people and families who are directly impacted by the executive orders. But right now all we can do is educate people, and stand with open arms. We can’t give up this fight. I know people everywhere will continue to protest and fight for equal rights, and their basic rights. We will continue to say loud for what we believe in. I just hope more and more people will be able to come together and stand up to Trump, and everyone else who follows him and say ‘you know what this isn’t right and I’m not gonna stand it.”

-Aaliyah Lannerd, 16


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