We ‘Ced Weigh In: Encourage a Young Writer Day

April 11, 2018 /

Photo courtesy of American Library Association


In honor of National Library Week We‘Ced took a moment to contribute to #EncourageAYoungWriterDay. Our own young writers were asked where they practice their writing and what impact We’Ced has had on their writing.

Read the responses below.


Jeremiah Castillo, 15

We’Ced is the place that encourages me to write and be open to sharing my stories. We’Ced has also helped me by improving my grammar and I’ve learned how to develop my articles.


Cyana Price-Gilkey, 14

I have been encouraged to practice my writing skills at school. Now We’ Ced has impacted my writing by challenging me to think about things I never thought about before.


Mark Lopez , 15

I have been encouraged to write at school. We’ Ced has impacted my writing because it has helped me prepare for my essays at school.


Layla Ornelas, 16

I’ve been encouraged by my own failures in writing. We ‘Ced has strengthened my point of view and I’ve learned to write about things I don’t usually like to write about.


Breanna Flores, 14

I have been encouraged to practice my writing skills is in my English class when we have to write essays. Health class also requires us to write a paragraph in response to what topic we are discussing. We ’Ced has helped my writing skills when writing stories. I get chances to practice spelling, punctuation, and organizing my thoughts.


Stephanie Gurtel, 15

I was encouraged to write at home. I would write because I didn’t talk to anyone because I felt that I’m awkward and emo. In middle school I lived in my journals and my friends loved to read my writings and that encouraged me to write  at school too. We ’Ced made it easier for me to get my writing published.


Cassandra Avita

I have been encouraged to practice my writing skills throughout my entire school career, but most of all in We’Ced and college. In We’Ced we had to constantly keep our writing on check and making sure our purpose for the articles are understandable. In college, they have specific formats they want to see which made me be more thorough with my writing.


Victor Seguin , 19

I was never encouraged to write by anyone due to my bad handwriting. It wasn’t until I found the website fanfiction.net that I started getting into writing. Finally when I joined We’Ced, I learned how writing skills were valuable and just how powerful writing can be. It was through We’Ced and writing that I found my passion for social issues.


Alex Salas

I have been encouraged to write personal and opinion pieces. I have been self-motivated to write throughout the day. My writing skills have been developing and I’ve become a better writer; the more I write I find it easier to develop better pieces. We’Ced has helped made me interested in writing by finding new ways to develop skills. When I write, I enter a tree house of words and generate great sentences for many readers to enjoy. A theme of my pieces has been to tell my personal story to help others understand how to turn a negative to a positive.


Nanci Morales, 17

I have been encouraged to practice my writing skills in avid class because every Tuesday and Thursday we do TRF (tutorial request form) and we are only allowed to participate in the assignment if we have no missing assignments in any classes. If we do, we have to write an essay to get full credit for the day. The topics are really cool to write about (most of them you talk about yourself). We’Ced has impacted my writing by helping me reflect better and have a better plan to put my ideas into one piece. With the workshops from We ‘Ced, I have learned that I am able to add data to strengthen my topic.