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Testing 2

April 26, 2024 / and

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Testing #1

April 19, 2024 / and

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We ‘Ced Weigh In: Encourage a Young Writer Day

April 11, 2018 /

  In honor of National Library Week We‘Ced took a moment to contribute to #EncourageAYoungWriterDay. Our own young writers were asked where they practice their writing and what impact We’Ced has had on their writing. Read More

Military Recruiters On Campus

August 15, 2012 /

I never paid too much attention to the recruiters. I’d usually end the conversation quickly or dodge their questions. I thought recruiters would pressure people into joining the military. I felt they were trying to fill their quotas and with limited time to fill them it makes it easier to target low-income families where the people are more likely to need the jobs, money and education the military can offer.