We’Ced Weighs in on the Migrant Caravan

November 29, 2018 /

I-5 southbound in San Ysidro, with Tijuana in the distance. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Recently, migrants from Central America looking to escape from violence and oppression reached the San Ysidro point of entry, between San Diego, Calif. and Tijuana, Baja California. Because of this, President Trump closed San Ysidro as a port of entry to prevent migrants from seeking asylum in the United States. As of publication, the port of entry is still closed.

The cohort of We’Ced Youth Media weighed in on the situation and had the following to say.


Stephanie Gurtel
Yes, I’ve heard of the migrants seeking asylum. I feel like the response from the government is inhumane and ignorant—immigrants are humans too. Decriminalization of the people seeking asylum can happen if we spread awareness and open people’s eyes to the fact we are much more alike than different from the migrants.

Akina Westmoreland
I have heard that they are just trying to to find a better life.

I don’t like that the government does not care if we are in the land of the free. They need to have the chance to make a better life and have better for themselves and others around them. It’s only fair. We can help by supporting the youth and adults that are fighting for chances to have a better life.

Victor Seguin
I don’t have a solution. I don’t know how we could help in this. Other than supplying food and water, I don’t know what else we could do.

Layla Ornelas
I feel that the government understands that they are people like us. That they have so much more to lose then they do. That they only want to live the supposed American dream. To live in the “Land Of The Free”.

Cyana Price-Gilkey
To be honest, I didn’t know this was happening, but I would like to know more.
I feel that the government is not doing enough. It seems like they are trying to cover up all the attacks that is happening, so they are going to make excuses even when it’s wrong. Trump will try his hardest to make people of color look bad, making them seem messed up. That’s why it’s our job to stop them. We can help them by locating them and sending them to places where they are safe and send food. They should be protected so they can have human rights. In our eyes, even though the president doesn’t see it, we can make it known throughout our city so we can all help out.

Sunny Virabutsady
I have not heard of the migrant crisis before until now. I do not like that the government decided to respond to the group’s arrival by attacking them with tear gas. I think that young people could make a difference by showing the migrants are victims of violence and pure hell. This “land of the free” is not what it was before.

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