We ‘Ced Weighs In: The 2020 Presidential Election

November 19, 2020 /

A marcher from the Keep Families Together March in 2018 holds up a sign that reads, “We Can Do Better” and a red heart beneath it. (Aaliyah Jensen)

The 2020 presidential election was historic in many ways, including the fact that youth voter turnout was much higher than it was in 2016. Members of the We ‘Ced youth reporter cohort weighed in on their feelings now that the election is over.

I’m really happy that the election is finally over since that’s all I have been stressing about. Even though Trump is now out of the office Biden is no better than Trump and I have higher standards since Trump literally had us all worried for our rights. Besides the point, I think things will get better and we will speak out against anyone he gets in our way.

Cyana Price-Gilkey, 17

I feel relieved about the election, but I also feel anxious. I am tremendously relieved that Donald Trump is out of office because he was doing and stood for so many things that were detrimental to our society and where it should be headed. I believe that now we may have a chance to start a new beginning, and I’m hoping that it is something that can attempt to unite our country. 

I feel both pleased and nervous about Biden. When I found out that Biden was the Democratic candidate, I knew that, although he was not my first choice, we may have a chance at forming a more united front if he were to win. Now that he has won, I am hoping he can follow through on his plans, especially for his first 100 days in office. I do believe he has the right intentions and he has said many right things that I agree with, but whether or not he will follow through with them and whether or not he can gain the Senate’s respect are two other things. I’m hoping that he will be able to bring a more moderate perspective to the podium, which could encourage both sides to compromise. 

I feel very excited for the future now that Trump is out of office. Not only was Trump someone who encouraged racism, misogyny, and inequality in general, but he was also someone who actively did things to worsen it, such as pulling out of the Paris Agreement, cutting taxes for the rich, and trying to get rid of Medicare. I believe that Biden may be able to reach the other side instead of fighting them, which is what I hope he will follow through on more than anything as President. 

Rachel Livinal, 18