National Poetry Month Weigh In

April 30, 2022 /

A fountain pen nib is touching a piece of paper that has handwritten words in cursive.

April is National Poetry Month

Every year, April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate the month, members of the We’Ced cohort were given the following prompt to write a poem.

Take 30 seconds to think of a word.

Write a poem about it.

Promise the words you say won’t cut deep,deep like a fresh wound but shallow enough to see,promise you won’t turn on me, don’t turn your back when things get deep,promises we all make but don’t keep ,just promise me you what you say won’t change ,like seasons you swift and sway but promise me you won’t change . Promise something we all say but can’t keep

First Kiss

a kiss of passion, wrapped in romance,
a feeling never felt before,
radient fiery flames is the only way i can explain

Laisha Fernandez

mischevous lil creatures
That lougue everywhere from the walkway to the top of the refigerator
the window to the wall
be ware

Natalia Stewart