A Need for Transportation

November 30, 2022 /

Transportation is really hard to get.

In my preference, I like to get private transportation because public transportation can get really unsafe. Even though Uber and Lyft exist and are good supplements, I can’t go alone because I’m underage. The way I get to school is by taking the school bus. It takes almost 20 minutes to get to school because there are always different stops that pick up other students.

Every day I take the bus, it gets full and crowded and it’s not a very pleasant place because there are always too many students taking one bus and there’s no room. It tends to get unsafe because students always have to sit three to a seat and it gets annoying especially when this happens everyday as we go to school.

I wish there were more buses for students to take because it can get really uncomfortable and cause safety issues for others. The people riding it can not be very friendly as others have to deal with harassment.

It can get really creepy at times because someone can be in your personal space and it’s not fun dealing with these kinds of people. I don’t sleep whenever I take public transportation anywhere because I feel like anything can happen.

If anything, I would most definitely recommend people to keep an eye out especially when taking public buses because they can sometimes be dangerous and I feel like people, in my opinion especially women, should always be cautious at all times and always look around their surroundings to prevent harassment.

Sometimes it can be comfortable while taking public transportation because you can sometimes encounter the sweetest and respectful people but that happens once in a lifetime. Therefore, I have a 50/50 trust in taking transportation that’s not school transportation. It is safe but only if I have an adult with me at all times or just a friend because you can’t really trust people because trust is based on safety and public transportation does not feel safe to me.

Sometimes public transportation may not be properly cleaned and the bus drivers sometimes don’t acknowledge the problems that go on. Whenever I used to take public transportation, I did tend to get motion sickness but that’s because the bus drivers would drive super slow and there wasn’t enough air conditioning.

At the same time, it’s also good to take public transportation because it could save a lot of gas in case a parent, or any adult for that matter, can’t afford to pay for gas since prices are unpredictable. 

Being able to have access to rental cars will be safer even though it may cost money and some are not able to afford it. If those prices were to decrease, transportation would be a lot easier for people who like to drive themselves places. 

We can make transportation safer by having more access to transportation such as buses and trains. Investing in public transportation and making sure everything is maintained and safe would benefit everyone in the community.