MLK Day Weigh In

March 23, 2023 /

In honor of MLK Day, We ‘Ced Youth Media collaborate on a weigh in with their young reporters in answering the following questions:

  1. What does MLK represent to you?
  2. How do you feel MLK has changed our community?
  3. If you were an activist, what would  be your inspirational speech?


Here are their responses:

Akina Westmoreland – MLK day represents who MLK was as a leader to me and as a inspiration to my  determination to be a revolutionary as a young person and it represents black power and Black leadership within activism world. I feel like MLK has changed our community with all work he has done with fighting for peace and rights and unity of people of all races across the world, and he was shown what leadership can look like when taking the path of peace and leading with a big heart. If I was a activist I would  make a inspirational speech on peace ,leadership, justice, and unity in my community and how we can work together as one to continue to make change in our communities that will grow to change around the world for everyone


Xeffrei Champion  – MLK represents the fight against oppression, the fight for equity and equality. I feel that he’s changed our community in many ways, fighting against segregation and more. I think he could have done a lot more, given the chance. If I were an activist, I would give a speech on the human condition – all humans deserve fairness and equity. All humans deserve respect and kindness. I am frustrated by the lack of care we have for our own people. Culture, religion, these differences don’t change the facts – that at our core, we are all humans who share the same home. I hope people can open their eyes and reach out their hands for people who need it.


Natalia Stewart – MLK represents equally and still to this day black and brown people are faced by racism even if it’s not necessarily segregation. MLK has changed my community by bringing awareness to racism and segregation because a lot of people don’t know that once upon a time Merced was segregated and still has racism in it and it’s roots. If I was a activist my inspirational speech would be about everything that defines all thoughts agreeing with stuff such as BLM LGBTQIA+ rights, abortion acts all in one speech.