Mother Earth

April 28, 2023 /

Rainy days where the sky sighs at the amazement of one’s beauty.

The days where the sun kisses the clouds as it shines down on Mother Earth.

The wind flowing through one’s hair as they walk past the trees and take in all that nature gives

How could you not love this life and all that it has to give ?

From the stars that shine beautifully at night through the dark to the sun that shines beautifully through the clouds on a beautiful blue sky.

With grass so green you can feel it on your toes and the ground so strong it holds us whole  with every step we take we mold ,mold our steps into this world and for this world to hold .

Holding us, caring for us and providing our needs ,we are one with Mother Earth and she is one with the.


— Akina Westmoreland