Book Review of Molly Knox Ostertag’s “The Girl From the Sea” by Mido Vince

July 7, 2023 /

Humorously relatable, Molly Knox Ostertag’s The Girl From the Sea tells a coming-of-age story about Morgan, a teenage girl discovering herself through an unexpected connection with a sea girl named Keltie. Not only is the story compelling to read, but the artwork throughout this graphic novel enhances the relatability of the characters, making them easy for readers to identify with.

While this narrative does not completely align with my own experiences, I am very glad to have read this book as the author’s take on a queer love story is a breath of fresh air. Ostertag draws on the imagination of the viewers, creating space to ponder on the possibilities that life has to offer. I definitely recommend this read to anyone interested in mystery, secrets, and sea girls especially!

Mido Vince