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Brand Culture Weigh In December 2023

March 8, 2024 /

To maximize profits, Companies have influenced their brands into our lifestyles. We now live day-to-day with brands as a part of our identity. Read More

Formation of Love

February 4, 2024 /

An empty vessel void of any essence.  The light rays pierces through. Filling in multitudes of colors. Read More

Queerness & Sacred Ritual In Community

November 15, 2023 /

Queerness & Sacred Ritual In Community: This piece was inspired by an Indigenous People’s Day’s event at CSU Stanislaus. Read More

I’m Not Her

November 15, 2023 /

I told you that I had trouble feeling special living in our patriarchal, capitalist world I do not meet the beauty standards not even halfway there yet you called me beautiful once and I believed it but how many other girls believe in the same lie like me? Read More

Painting Silent Pictures – Issue 11

August 17, 2023 /

 Painting Silent Pictures – Issue 11   Read More

Book Review by Sebastian Cervantes of “Queer History of the United States” by Michael Bronski

July 10, 2023 /

I had a fun time reading this book and learning the history that was not really shown in other forms of media. Read More

Book Review of Molly Knox Ostertag’s “The Girl From the Sea” by Mido Vince

July 7, 2023 /

Humorously relatable, Molly Knox Ostertag’s The Girl From the Sea tells a coming-of-age story about Morgan, a teenage girl discovering herself through an unexpected connection with a sea girl named Keltie. Read More


July 7, 2023 /

She’s dying, you can feel it. The air from her lungs is weak and heavy, humid from the death lingering in her chest. Read More

There Is No Shame In Being Trans

June 1, 2023 /

There Is No Shame In Being Trans Click the link above to view the illustration. “Not all trans bodies have to be a certain way. Read More
Fue Xiong holds up his right hand while being sworn in before the Merced City council.

Fue Xiong Wants to Build a Better Merced

January 24, 2023 /

Program Coordinator Daniel Garibay interviews new Merced City Councilmember Fue Xiong, who was recently elected to represent District 6.