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Atwater “sanctuary city for businesses” resolution met with mixed reactions, resistance

October 21, 2020 /

On May 15, Atwater City Council unanimously voted to pass a resolution declaring the city a "sanctuary city for businesses." The resolution being passed in the midst of a pandemic has been met with criticism.

Coronavirus impacts Merced youth employment

September 4, 2020 /

The economic state of California plummets further into instability since Governor Gavin Newsom’s call for a shutdown of local businesses. Read More

Protesting takes a new form in Merced

July 31, 2020 /

  Merced, California- On July 13, Governor Gavin Newsom ordered a second shutdown for the state of California. Read More

Merced’s Momentum into a Safe Place

June 29, 2020 /

Merced, Calif.-  Pride month is upon us, a month of celebration for one’s self-expression for the LGBTQ+ community. Read More