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What does it mean to be a mentor? Part II

January 22, 2018 /

Above: Cassandra Avitia (right) having fun with a youth member during Pride in the Park 2017.  Read More

Get DACA, Pursue Your Dream Job

January 26, 2016 /

In order to enroll in the liberal studies program at her college, Meza needed a social security number, something she did not have because she was undocumented. To work with children, she had to pass a background check and get her fingerprints scanned. Knowing she could do neither, she feared she would not be able to graduate.

How a Dreamer Fell Through the Cracks

August 11, 2015 /

Now that I’m back in Merced, I have been challenging myself to leave my comfort zone and I feel that I have matured a lot over these past couple of years. Being at home with the moral support of family and friends has made this easier for me.

Navigating College While Depressed

January 22, 2015 /

Keeney said she is now very open about her depression. “I actually find that talking about it has been really helpful.” Though she also noted people need to understand “you can’t get over it in one day.” While in school, she’s also come up with ways to cope with bouts of depression. “If I feel myself get too stressed out, or too unmotivated, then I will just take a day and just breathe,” she said.

Crowdfunding My Way To College

August 1, 2014 /

I was doubtful, but I was also in need. So I created my profile and website, explaining my situation. When I woke up 12 hours later, I had received more than $1000 in donations.