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Merced in Color: Empowering Her Community

September 21, 2017 / By
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As program manager for the nonprofit, Corchado works to mobilize local parents at Merced County schools. From leadership trainings to holding school boards accountable for student health outcomes, her work is driven by a primary focus to make Merced a better place for the next generation.

Parents air concerns, hopes for LCAP funding in Merced City School District

October 19, 2016 / By
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LCFF goals include increasing student test scores and English comprehension, providing clean, safe and secure learning environments and increasing parent participation. Parents are also supposed to have a say in how local schools carry out their LCAP, a goal Corchado and other local advocates say is essential for Merced families. “All the parents we work with have always wanted to participate in their kids education. They’ve always wanted to get involved in the school but they just didn’t know how,” she said.