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State of Merced talk glosses over youth funding

February 13, 2017 /

At the talk, Murphy repeatedly described his vision of a bright future for Merced, but failed to share much detail on how the city planned to improve its record on youth investment. City leaders have previously been criticized for slashing youth-program funding, investing about $13,000 annually in youth programs in recent years. Murphy said that the city recently added more resources to McNamara and Stephen Leonard Parks, enabling the city to serve thousands of families through academic and recreational resources.

Building a Powerful Youth Council in Merced

May 23, 2016 /

The youth of Merced deserve and need opportunities to voice their opinions.

Message to Merced City Council – My Voice Matters

April 27, 2016 /

As leaders of Merced, I held these men to higher standards and expected them to be more respectful towards the community they represent, especially because I am a future voter.