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‘They Call Us Terrorists’ – Muslim Students Bullied in California Schools

December 7, 2015 /

“A repetitive narrative that we found from these students is that they felt like this is what it’s like to be an American Muslim in school. They almost feel defeated. They just feel that there is no way around this, like, having a discussion or bring it up with the teacher is not going to be very effective and that’s what most unfortunate about it, is that they’ve come to just accept it as being normal.”

Humanity Lacking In War Of Opinion Over Gay Marriage

October 30, 2015 /

Allowing any two people who are in love to wed and live the rest of their lives out together is a beautiful thing. It’s about love and togetherness. What it is not is an invitation for an ongoing war of hate between Christians and LGBT allies alike. Whether you love someone who shares your gender or you love to share the word of Jesus, or even both these things, everyone deserves love and acceptance for who they are.

Central Valley Youth Say Pope’s Message ‘Already Having an Impact’

September 25, 2015 /

California is also where many of the most pressing issues raised by the pontiff – from climate change to LGBTQ rights and immigration – remain at the fore of political debate. YouthWire asked its youth reporters to weigh in on some of the Pope’s positions on climate change, gay rights and immigration, and what his message might mean for their communities.