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Coming Out as Trans and Finding a Role Model in Myself

June 15, 2017 /

Above: Just like the beautiful sunset amidst a storm, Alice’s story is about finding beauty in the life you’re living no matter what. Read More

Dear Mom, I Need You

June 30, 2016 /

I believe no child should grow up feeling unwanted, unsupported,or rejected by a parent. I do not want any person to go through what I have endured in my lifetime. I’ve known my entire life that I am different, and I've accepted it, but knowing my mom does not has really hurt me.

Life In Merced as a Transgender Teen

August 11, 2015 /

I have the body of a man, but the persona, mind, and attitude of a woman. Like me, many other trans women don’t identify with their bodies and might dress like women in private in order to fulfill a need without being criticized by strangers. Many, like myself, may want to be called by a different name, or called by the opposite gender pronouns.