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Leading Merced: Honoring my Grandmother

April 11, 2017 /

My grandma emigrated from Mexico to California during the 70s. She worked as a farmworker throughout the Central Valley. Via anecdotes, I know she made a lot of sacrifices for her family in order to provide for her loved ones. She also joined the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) where she met and worked along side of Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta.

Third annual Cesar Chavez Event Highlights Tradition of Community Organizing in Merced

April 7, 2017 /

Dozens of families, activists and young people came out to participate in Merced’s third annual Cesar Chavez march; walking down the city’s Martin Luther King Boulevard while holding signs displaying their support for undocumented rights and the continued protection of farm workers. “We’re very happy with the event,” said Jesse Ornelas, community organizer and member of the local chapter of the Brown Berets. “We got the community to come out and talk about issues that were relevant to South Merced and the farmworker community in general in this area.”

Community Orgs Unite to Host Second Annual Cesar Chavez March

April 18, 2016 /

According to a California Research Bureau study, the Central Valley has the highest proportion of laborers in the state. Many work long hours with little pay and no protection.

50 Years After Chavez, the Struggle for Farmworkers Continues in Merced County

April 13, 2015 /

“I wish they would treat us better, or that we could have more opportunities,” said Gonzalez, who also noted that working in the fields while being a student at Merced College student is challenging. “I’ve been working in the fields since I was in high school, because it is the only way I could make a living.”