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Corrupted Adolescence

April 3, 2017 /

The kids of this new neighborhood only cared about his street credibility: where he was from and what drugs he took. Teachers only cared about his prior education and how his grades were above average. This boy will refuse to make friends and keep to himself, focusing strictly on education. Until mom's too busy working to notice his 3.0 grade point average or achievements. The boy then realizes he has no achievements, or friends. His grades don't bring that release of dopamine anymore. His teenage mind is his worst enemy.

Merced Must Invest In Its Youth, Or Face A Grim Future

August 25, 2014 /

Even though initially I was disappointed by the council’s decision on the city budget, now I’m actually excited for what is to come. There are more youth than ever paying attention to how our city is run and the momentum will only continue to build. The Invest In Our Youth campaign is far from over. The more youth are kept down, the harder we will fight for what we deserve.