Falling Petals – Teens and STD’s

September 18, 2012 /


Falling Petals

first day of spring,

the rose was closed and sheltered from the outside world

boy seduces shy girl, blushing head full of curls

the red divine beauty begins to wake,

stretching her petals, her heart he takes

it rains and the rose is dripping clear paint

hormones take over, but no ones a saint

days have passed and the rose dances in the wind

everything seems fine, so the world stops its spin

weeks have passed and the rose is all dry

the boy gets burned and then wet from a cry

first petal falls, all too breezy

now that he thinks of it, her key was too easy

one by one, her petals fall and decay

his life turns for the worse, but the rose will not stay this way

     Falling Petals is about a young man who tries to get a young lady. The man sees a young lady, who looks shy and can probably make him feel safe, so they started to date. He falls for her and thinks she falls in love with him. Everything is going great until he finds out she gave him chlamydia. She is the only person who he has had sex with, which means she is the only person who could have given him the STD. With all that happening, things start to get worse in his life and school. The young man keeps faith and hope in his heart that his life will eventually change for the better. He also leaves the girl who gave him the STD. Next time, he will make better decisions.

     I interviewed one of my close friends who caught a sexually transmitted disease from someone she trusted. One lonely night, she was under the influence of alcohol and she had met this young man. She thought he was cute and attractive, after a few days of seeing each other he made her feel safe. They started dating afterwards and she planned to be with him for a very long time. With him knowing this, he took advantage of the situation and seduced her. About two weeks after intercourse, she found out she was infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

     She said, “I was so disgusted and shocked that it could happen to me. I would have never thought it could have happened to me in a million years.” Most teens think the same until they are in her position. The young man she was with denied that he gave her the STD and lied about getting himself tested. She believed him because he made her feel safe, plus there are ways other than sex to catch an STD. After she got clean, they continued to be intimate. Later, she went back to get tested and again after a four day waiting period, the results were in.  Again, she had chlamydia.

     This was the second time in the same year. This time she was even more disgusted, but this time she knew it had to be him. Before they started to date, she was warned not to trust him by all her friends – even his own family members. “I was worried about having my future kids and that next time if she even does have sex she was going to use protection,” she said. Which is now on hold until she finds the right one.

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