MOVIE REVIEW: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of The Desert & The Birdcage

March 25, 2013 /












by Ana Llimet and Lisa Vasquez

Everyone’s anticipation at the movie premier made the night so exciting. Most people were dressed in drag and brought out a pride we thought we’d never see in Merced . We found out that there are actual drag shows here inMerced. Even Mr. Ms. Gay from Merced’s Mr. Ms. & Ms. Gay Pageant was present! As we got closer to the showing of the movies, a man dressed in drag got on stage and explained to us how these movies compared to now days and here in our community.

The first movie was The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert a dramedy about two drag queens and a transsexual that takes place in Australia. The main characters were Adam, a gay drag queen, Tick, also a gay drag queen who has a wife, a lesbian, and a child who doesn’t know what he does for a living, and Bernadette, a transsexual whose partner has just passed away. They go on a trip through the desert in a tour bus named Priscilla for a show in Alice Springand and on the way they meet a wide array of people, some who accept them and some who don’t, from waking up to “AID F*****S GO HOME” painted on their bus to getting in a fight with some guy’s that got mad when they found out that Adam was a man. Going through some bus trouble on the way they meet Bob, a nice guy who becomes attracted to Bernadette, and her sexuality doesn’t seem to bother him at all. Bob doesn’t label himself as a homosexual or bisexual, but simply fell for Bernadette of who she is and not for who she was.

As the quartet arrives at Alice Springs, Tick tries to hide the fact that he’s a gay drag queen from his son. The biggest twist of the movie is that his son is really accepting with having two homosexual parents and actually encourages Tick to get a boyfriend when he gets back home. Knowing that his son accepted him for who he is brought happiness to Tick. To have a son understand that he’d have two moms and two dads in homosexual relationships and think its perfectly fine is not your everyday Hollywood thing. Most people would not accept that but for a child to is incredible! At the end of their journey Bernadette ends up staying in Alice Springs with Bob and Tick’s son goes home with him.

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