Some of the Best–and Worst–Valentine’s Day Stories in Merced

February 13, 2015 /

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by We’Ced reporters

Ed Note: Valentine’s Day is upon us, the season of love, friendship and massive amounts of chocolate. For every giant stuffed bear, bouquet of roses and array of balloons, there is also the inevitable sting of disappointment from unrequited  affection. We’Ced reporters asked around the community to find the best–and worst–Valentine’s Day stories that people had to share. 


Juan Corona, 21

The day before Valentine’s Day I told my girlfriend that I was on a short budget so I told her to not expect a whole lot but whatever she was going to receive was out of love. In reality I had a plan.

The next day I woke her up to breakfast in bed and then immediately after breakfast I took her to get her nails done. I had already talked to the ladies and asked them to do ‘Disney nails.’ My girlfriend was surprised as to why I had asked them to do them like that, but she agreed. When she was done I told her that we needed to go to LA because an emergency had occurred. So we packed up and drove and drove until we got to Disneyland, which was the last part of my gift. She was one happy girlfriend and I was one happy boyfriend.


Rebekah Latronica, 17

My worst [Valentine’s Day] was last year when I spent a lot of time making a thoughtful gift for my boyfriend and I took him out to the movies, and I got absolutely nothing in return.


Maria Rodriguez, 16

Last year I got so many balloons, roses and a really big teddy bear, like the Costco ones. He gave it to me at school. It was really cute, everyone was just staring at us when we would walk down the halls. When I go home my mom was like, ‘OMG.’ She seemed really excited but my dad was pretty mad which was funny to me.

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Ron Bolser, 52

“When I was younger I lived in West Point Nebraska in 1978. Valentines day was coming up. I had a girlfriend named Kelly Diers. I remember I had just enough to buy her a bottle of wine. Just wine and some wild flowers I picked. Back then, wine was only $2.99. I drove up to the top of this mountain that overlooked the whole town and the main road that ran through the town. I got out of the car and looked at the town waiting for her with the wine in my hand and I left the flowers in the car. I seen her parents driving by on the main road and she was in the back of the car. They were leaving town.”


Angelica Soza, 17

“[My best Valentine’s Day was] going to Santa Cruz for the day and watching heart-shaped fireworks on the boardwalk then eating a funnel cake.”


Cassandra Zamora, 17

Last years Valentine’s Day I was in pain. I had barely gotten surgery on my knee so I couldn’t leave my house. Me and my boyfriend was going to come over and we were planning to spend the day together. Well, after getting ready and waiting and waiting, he never came. As a form of my Valentines gift my mother gave me flowers and cheesecake. It made my day better but it felt like a feel better gift rather than a real Valentine’s Day gift.

Kelsey Ramirez 18

Last year for Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend broke up with me a week before. I was trying to not be that person that’s depressed and hating Valentine’s Day. So I decided to go out on a date with a guy that had been trying to take me out for awhile. We went to eat to Applebee’s, everything was cool and actually fun. Then I see the waiter heading to the empty table next to us and you wouldn’t believe who was there. It was my ex-boyfriend, on a date, with his new girlfriend! It was probably the most embarrassing and heartbroken I have ever felt. Luckily, my date was a sweetheart and as soon as he saw them he paid the check and we left.


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