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Formation of Love

February 4, 2024 /

An empty vessel void of any essence.  The light rays pierces through. Filling in multitudes of colors. Read More

Because Trump won say hello

November 10, 2016 /

I won’t be expecting to see any more anti-bullying ads anymore since the biggest bully will be taking control of America in January, 2017.

Some of the Best–and Worst–Valentine’s Day Stories in Merced

February 13, 2015 /

Valentine's Day is upon us, the season of love, friendship and massive amounts of chocolate. For every giant stuffed bear, bouquet of roses and array of balloons, there is also the inevitable sting of disappointment from unrequited affection. We'Ced reporters asked around the community to find the best--and worst--Valentine's Day stories that people had to share.