We’Ced Weighs in: School Shootings, Gun Control

October 14, 2015 /

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By We’Ced Youth Media

Ed. Note: We’Ced youth journalists recently spent time responding to the shooting at Umpqua Community College near Roseburg, Oregon, where nine students were killed and nine injured. The discussion quickly turned to gun policy. Below are our reflections:


“I think that there should be stricter gun control laws. Yes, people have the right to own guns, but that does not mean everyone is a responsible gun owner. More needs to be done to make sure the wrong people do not get their hands on guns.” –Chris, 16

“We should have stricter gun laws and better background checks, but we cannot get rid of guns. Guns protect people just as much as they hurt people! –Victor, 16

“If we can’t have guns, cops should not have them either. They do not protect us with their guns, they also use guns to kill us.” –Fallen, 16

“I believe there should be more gun control. However, stricter laws should not infringe on our right to own guns and the second amendment.” –Alice, 17

“The gun control issue is the same thing as the drug control issue. We have not been able to control the drugs or drug trafficking so how could we possibly control guns? It is impossible.” –Robert, 20

“Guns will always be easy to obtain. Guns cannot be controlled because if someone really wants one, you cannot stop them. The real problem is the people who use them and make poor decisions.” –Alex, 17

“Guns are a constitutional right, but they are not a human right. Life is a human right and no one should be killed at school.” –Lisa, 20

“Gun control is a very important issue and our government should take action to regulate gun access. But I believe that even if we deal with the accessibility issue, people will always have a way to get their hands on guns.” –Cassandra, 17

“When firearms are readily available, and extremely easy to carry, it becomes 50 times easier to walk down to a nearby school and fire upon the innocent. People can defend themselves against other weapons, but when someone threatens you with a firearm, you have half a second between life and death.” –Cheyenne, 17

“Simply put, making guns less accessible will result in less massacres and school shootings.” –Natalie, 17

“In my opinion, I believe gun control is a waste of time. However, I do believe that the person who chooses to use guns irresponsibly, should be punished and held accountable. We cannot change our second amendment. If the government attempts to take away guns, the people will rebel.” –Gabe, 17

“You cannot enforce gun control because it is just as easy to get guns on the street as it is in a gun store. I don’t think the government wants people getting their guns off the streets where there is no such thing as background checks.” –David, 17

“I think gun control is a necessity. We need to control who has access to guns. Perhaps people should go through a few years of training and mandatory psych evaluations. However, saying that guns are the ones that kill people is like saying spoons make people fat.”–Asher, 18

“I think guns should not be banned because they are useful; people use them to defend themselves. But I do believe gun control should be stricter and guns less accessible. The requirements for obtaining a license should be tougher, especially when it comes to age.” –Nisa, 17

“It is too late for gun control in America. Guns and bullets are everywhere. The only way you can stop the violence and enforce gun control, is if you take away guns entirely.” –Jesus, 17

“People will always find ways to get guns regardless of what the law says.” –Stephanie, 16

“I think gun control should be enforced. Of course, people who commit crimes are responsible for their actions and not the guns, but more laws will reduce shootings and massacres in America.” –Allie, 14

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