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Killer Mike – Reagan Lyrics Analysis

April 16, 2024 /

We’Ced youth reporters practice their media analysis by dissecting the song “Reagan” by political activist, Killer Mike. Read More

We’Ced Joins The Merced Christmas Parade

March 29, 2024 /

We’Ced Youth members joined The Central Valley Pride Center in the 2023 Merced Christmas Parade. Read More

Brand Culture Weigh In December 2023

March 8, 2024 /

To maximize profits, Companies have influenced their brands into our lifestyles. We now live day-to-day with brands as a part of our identity. Read More
Huey Newton with youth

Black History Month Weigh-In 2024

March 8, 2024 /

February is Black History Month. For generations, black communities have been exploited, oppressed, and left to defend themselves with no support. Read More

We ‘Ced Weighs in: Mother’s Day

May 10, 2021 /

As Mother’s Day weekend closes We ‘Ced reporters reflect on the ways they honor the Mother figures in their lives. Read More

National Poetry Month Weigh in

April 30, 2020 /

As National Poetry Month comes to a close, read below submissions from We ‘Ced youth.   If you could write a poem to COVID, what would you want to tell it?  Read More

Students feel misled by school board about graduation cap decorations

May 30, 2019 /

[slideshow_deploy id=’3498′]   Students from multiple Merced Union High School District (MUHSD) schools gathered at Merced High School on May 8 to address the school board regarding decorating graduation caps, frustrated with a lack of policy that was inclusive of all students. Read More

Believing in Myself

February 7, 2019 /

Friendships have the potential to impact our wellness positively or negatively. How do you cope when a companion is no longer a part of your life?  Read More

Let’s talk about anxiety

August 9, 2018 /

    I have anxiety. I’m a 16 year old introvert who over the last year has figured out that she has anxiety. Read More

Elliot Shin, Merced youth, inspired by memories being carved for skateboard design

August 7, 2018 /

Youth leaders within our community are not often recognized, that is why I wanted to highlight Elliot Shin. Read More