YouthWire Weighs In: Holiday Wishes

December 22, 2016 /


Editor’s Note: Throughout 2016 our youth reporters have “weighed in” on issues ranging from #NoDAPL, violence against women, safety and more. For this edition of “YouthWire Weighs In”, reporters from across the state, including We’Ced, were asked what they wish for themselves and their communities this holiday season.




“I wish for this holiday season that people who are blessed to be surrounded by their loved ones become reenergized with warm tamales, champurrado and fuerza so that we can all prepare and mobilize with our communities for anything that comes our way!”

— Olivia Rodriguez, Thermal


“I want to give my siblings a safer neighborhood to live in, one that they can play in without any care. I want better neighborhoods for my siblings and all kids.”

— Angel Vargas, Fresno


“I hope my community can come together to give much-needed help to the families in the Eastern Coachella Valley.”

— Bryan Mendez, North Shore


“I want killing to stop on New Year’s Day. I want to see more clean and fixed streets going into the New Year and no crimes of stolen packages off neighbor’s porches. I want us to have a food drive at the city park, so we can give out food and gifts to the homeless and unfortunate families.”

— Lola White, Long Beach



“I wish for our neighborhood to become more peaceful and for violence to become less evident. We deal with violence daily, and it gets tiresome. I just want a peaceful holiday for once.”

— Layla Ornelas, Merced


“I want our homeless community safe and well-fed this holiday season.”

— Danyeal Escobar, Fresno


“I wish to have fun and enjoy the company of my family and friends. For my community, I wish for us to finish this year peacefully, happy and hopeful for a new year full of prosperity.”

— Nora Ramirez, Arvin



“All I want for the New Year is for us to put resentment behind us. I hold a lot of anger towards people within my community, school and neighborhood and I would like to try and let go of some of it. That is my holiday wish.”

— Jordyn Saunders, Long Beach



“My wish for this holiday season is to be a better son, better boyfriend, and a better friend. My wish for my community is that everyone has a safe holiday break and that the New Year starts great for all.”

— Victor Seguin, Merced


“I wish for everyone to be safe all of 2017, because 2016 was terrible.”

— Mario Martinez, Bakersfield

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