Our Love is not so different

September 23, 2017 /

By Layla Ornelas

Photo by via Merced LGBTQ Alliance 


It is pride week in Merced. Although I am excited to know my hometown is finally celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, I also know that people are still persecuted for who they love. I made this poem because I know people who still struggle with their identity and being accepted.  Too many times, I’ve gotten in arguments to defend my friends and family. This is a very sensitive subject to me, and I feel I must stand up against hate because  LGBTQ+ love is no different from any other love.


Our Love is NOT so Different


Am I so different,

Because I love who I chose to love?

Am I so different,

Because I show pride in who I am?

Am I so different,

For my family and peers to shut me out,

and push me away all because I refuse to agree that it is “just a phase.”

My love is not to be played with.

Our love is just like yours.

One with two people caring and trusting another, hoping to have a future.

But it just can’t be can it?

Because it just can’t be can it?

Because our lives are run by people who believe that we are a sign,

That we will burn in hell for what we did.

Little do they know that this is hell, this is what we feared.

Hell isn’t what comes after our lives end, we’re living it.

Rocks are thrown, people are hurt.

Lives are taken.

Rights are no longer existent, and what for?

Because we don’t believe in same-sex love?

Because we feel that the body given to us isn’t the right one?

Because we just won’t accept that the “phase” will pass and we will regret it?

Well you’re wrong!

Our pride will never waiver.

Our fight will never fade.

My love will never stop until the day comes when my sisters won’t be watched when they kiss their lovers.  When my brothers won’t be called “f*gs” or get jumped or raped.

If this happened to you, would you be feeling the same way?

Would you allow someone to stop you from loving?

You say that it is different, but you’re wrong.

Our love is the same and we are not so different.


Layla Ornelas is a 16-year-old art enthusiast and youth reporter. Passionate about LGBTQ and human rights, she feels strongly about making a difference in her community. She comes from an activist background, serving as a junior Brown Beret,  and likes to help others.

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