Believing in Myself

February 7, 2019 /

Friendships have the potential to impact our wellness positively or negatively. How do you cope when a companion is no longer a part of your life?  Read how Karina learned to move on and found strength in herself. 


Burning memories


Friends come and go

Just by the blink of an eye

Not only do they leave

But, some memories do too

You lose the ones you love

Now you have to fight alone

People will never notice

When you fake a smile to hide pain

Only someone knows you’re hurt

You wouldn’t change a thing

didn’t invest time for memories

Neither did they try to

Struggles meet you straight in the face

You still want to satisfy others

who wouldn’t change anything for you

Nobody would change to see you happy

Those type of people are just selfish

As I closed my eyes

I thought it’ll all be gone

As I opened my eyes, it was all gone

I stood up stronger now

Realizing I don’t need a selfish friend

All I need is my self-worth and

Knowing who I am

Karina holds a burning photo that symbolizes her lost friendship.

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