Brand Culture Weigh In December 2023

March 8, 2024 /

To maximize profits, Companies have influenced their brands into our lifestyles. We now live day-to-day with brands as a part of our identity. Brands commercialize our personal movements, struggles, experiences, communities, etc, to sell their product. They then use that advantage to co-opt the cultures into their own, replacing genuine connections with the same idea, but by only consuming their product. As we become more isolated and devoid of community, the influence of these brands fills us with a false sense of self-worth.

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-Sebastian (We’Ced Program Coordinator)

Brands shouldn’t define who we are because our worth and identity go beyond the products we consume. Our individuality and uniqueness should be celebrated, rather than being reduced to the brands we choose. True self-expression comes from within, not from the logos we wear or the products we use. When we allow brands to define us, we limit our potential for personal growth and exploration. Our values, beliefs, and experiences shape who we are, not the brands we associate with. Relying on brands to define us can lead us shallow and materialistic identities.

Brands are a big part of the world we live in, every brand has something they want to embody. Hot Topic is “Alternative” and Gucci being “Wealthy”. They use these to try to appeal to our ideals, so we can advertise what we believe to the outer world. What’s important is to remember that you don’t have to advertise yourself to others. Your ideals and self are utterly defined by your own actions. You can create your own ways to advertise your ideals.

Brand logos are made with the intention to grab people’s attention. With that comes the product, message, and sometimes lifestyle that goes with the brand. Starbucks is a good example, their vegan menu promotes ideals that are progressive. Having healthier options and, being eco-friendly. That being said Starbucks has been exposed for not using real fruit in their fruit drinks. On top of this they are suing their worker’s union for standing in solidarity with Palestine. Big corporations should look to the   overall health and safety of the people and communities they serve. Supporting small local businesses is always the best alternative.

I find it so intriguing that clothing and fabric have been used to define the higher class all throughout history and present day. Silk first only worn by the royal family, then only worn by nobles, and used as currency during certain ancient chinese dynasties. Do brands and the clothing that we wear define us?? I do not believe so. Clothing started and continues to be another form of shelter for us from the elements, but it became more than that very quickly. It is now a means of personal expression and individuality. I don’t think brands should or do define us, I believe that it accentuates our personalities and differences. What we choose to wear does not accurately portray who we are as people. 

No, brands shouldn’t define who we are. Brands are capital capitalist companies who are just there to take our money for the products. They shouldn’t define us, they don’t define us.

We can overcome this by not associating  ourselves with brands. Don’t buy the clothing with the big logo in the front of the shirt. Buy a shirt that’s comfortable, not one who uses you as free promotion to get more people to follow. 

I don’t think brands should define us, I think we as people define the brand. We are what makes the brand. They are nothing without us. Anyone can wear any kind of brand of clothing, or object. It’s like the saying “We wear the clothes, not them wear us.”

Some ways that I feel we can overcome this is to educate our community and peers (those around us!) Even if some people don’t care or wanna listen, we can still put the information out there. 

I think we should not let brands define us because brands ain’t the way we define ourselves. We are more than what a piece of clothing is because our personalities ain’t a brand, it’s ourselves.

We can over come it by buying stuff we personally like and not buying stuff for brand status.

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