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My Flaws Are My Beauty — My Summer Experience at ARC pt. II

November 6, 2012 /

Many will never realize the beauty of life until they take flight into the wrath of the world. There is no place better than the comfort of home. It is quite unusual for teenagers like me to understand the meaning and value of life and beauty but thanks to Adventure Risk Challenge, I have acquired the secret golden chords to happiness.

My Flaws Are My Beauty – My Summer Experience At ARC pt. I

September 18, 2012 /

Love comes in many different forms. People are not perfect but their love will always be perfect like the tree that absorbs the glistening water of a river and grows. Love to trees means sinking its roots into the river floor and to firmly hold the boulders and ground together to support the river’s flow to its destination. I realized I only saw one kind of love, mine, and since I didn’t recognize the love my family and boyfriend were giving me, I became angry, short-tempered, and developed low self-esteem.