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Local clothing and design shop hosts art show at Merced Mall

August 29, 2019 /

Over the past weekend, Strangers Stop-N-Shop held their annual art show, but this time at the Merced Mall instead of their downtown brick and mortar shared with Grizzly Barber. Check out the sights and sounds of the gallery, and what some folks had to say about it being at the Mall.

Merced’s latest mural celebrates city’s cultural diversity

July 28, 2017 /

By Alexander Salas Photos by Crystal Rivera and Alyssa Castro   MERCED, Calif. — Last Saturday one of Merced’s local community youth groups, Faith in Merced (FIM), had a major event to showcase a mural they advocated for earlier this year. Read More

Local Art Group Beautifies Beachwood

August 17, 2015 /

The Ashby Flea Market had been a prime target for graffiti, often to the expense of the property owners. In an effort to curb the vandalism and property damage, Pastelles and organizers from the Meadowbrook Water Company decided the area would be a suitable location for a mural project. This serves the dual purpose of bringing art into the community while creating an atmosphere that would discourage additional unsanctioned graffiti.

#ManifestJustice: A Photo Essay

May 11, 2015 /

Photos and story by Alyssa Castro Last weekend, I took a trip to Los Angeles, CA to serve as a docent for Manifest Justice. Read More

Youth Attend the First Annual Celebration of Cesar Chavez in Merced

April 2, 2015 /

For the first time in the history of Merced, community organizers, organizations, and residents came together to celebrate the legacy of Cesar Chavez, and to continue the fight for farmworker rights and health care.