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Women’s Studies and the Future of America

March 14, 2017 /

Did you know that during the American Revolution a sixteen-year-old named Sybil Ludington rode twice as far as Paul Revere in stormy weather to deliver the message that the British troops were on their way? Ludington has received little to no recognition in history classes while Paul Revere is a household name.

At Respecticon, Merced Youth Gather To Learn and Discuss Safe Sex

September 15, 2014 /

On Saturday, August 9th 2014, Middle State Feminists and We'Ced Youth Media teamed up to put on RESPECTICON, an all-day, sex Ed, battle of the bands event.

Empowering New Feminists In The Central Valley, One Student At A Time

August 25, 2014 /

Ms. Delgado has become more than just a teacher to me. She’s become my tutor, mentor and inspiration. I sat down to interview Ms. Delgado about the importance of her Women’s Studies class and her inspiration for going above and beyond her professional responsibilities.