Empowering New Feminists In The Central Valley, One Student At A Time

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photo: Alyssa Castro

by Fernando Almaraz

“Why do I want to be in a class that promotes women leadership, talks about bra burning, and perhaps discusses the overthrow of a male-dominated society?”

That was my reaction when I was placed in Anne Delgado’s Women’s Studies class at Buhach Colony High School. Like other students, I was lost in my own ignorance and misperception. Today, I can say that I am extremely glad I’ve had the opportunity of attending this class and meeting Ms. Delgado.

The class is interactive and student-oriented. The class has a “no judgement” rule that allowed me to express my opinion on sensitive issues such as gay rights, women’s rights and patriarchy. We’ve even had the opportunity to meet important social figures like former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers and former Raiders CEO Amy Trask.

Ms. Delgado has become more than just a teacher to me. She’s become my tutor, mentor and inspiration. I sat down to interview Ms. Delgado about the importance of her Women’s Studies class and her inspiration for going above and beyond her professional responsibilities.

Reflecting on our interview, I realized that I didn’t actually gain much new information from the class. Instead, the class allowed me to look at what I already know from a different perspective and express myself in ways I wasn’t able to before.

What is Women’s Studies? Is the class only for women?

The class is designed to evaluate women’s struggles. It also gives students the opportunity to view a different perspective of history through a woman’s view, such that is not found in the history books. The class is not limited to women. When it began the ratio of males to females was about 1:20 and now it is 1:3.

How did you decide to begin a high school Women’s Studies class at Buhach Colony High School?

I was asked by the principal at the time. He and I believed that it was important to change the community mindset on issues pertaining to women.

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