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A new home called frostbite

January 7, 2019 /

  According to the Merced City and County Continuum of Care, the City of Merced homeless count dropped very slightly from 318 to 310 in 2018, though the number of displaced people in Merced County rose from 454 to 514. Read More

Homelessness: Close To Home

August 17, 2012 /

Finding out the facts and opening myself up to these different points of view has shifted my opinions on homeless. To those who still hold onto stereotypes about the homeless, you don’t know their story and you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I now understand that this lifestyle is not always a choice and that this lifestyle does not take over their identity.

Kicked Out & On My Own

August 15, 2012 /

My friends were a shoulder to lean on, a very strong support system just when I needed them most. I tried to talk to my parents, but unfortunately I was unsuccessful in my attempt to go back home. If anyone reading this finds themselves in the same situation, I would advise them to make the best out of their situation, everything happens for a reason and no matter what happens, always try to be all you can be.

Homelessness: A Personal Story

August 15, 2012 /

Being homeless affects you mentally, to be honest. It’s depressing not being able to have a bed to sleep in each night. Sleeping on floors can be uncomfortable and painful after a while. Not having clothes is another problem. Going to school with dirty clothes or the same outfit I wore the day before made me feel like less of a person.