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Merced Youth, Community Responds to Election Results

November 13, 2014 /

Since the War on Drugs started in the early 70’s our communities have been hurting and punished through incarceration, with no real rehabilitation opportunities. For several years my older brother was caught up in a vicious cycle of addiction and incarceration. To me the passage of Prop 47 meant offering him a second opportunity. It was about sending the message that black and brown lives matter!

Merced Youth: #2Young2Vote But Not Too Young To Care

November 3, 2014 /

If I could vote this election I would vote for Prop 1 because it saves our water and our marine animals. I would also vote for Measure T because all sections of Merced should have a say in this city. As of now, everything is one sided because the city council are all from the non-ghetto side of Merced.

Voters to Decide if the City of Merced Should Change its Voting System

November 1, 2014 /

Changing the single-member district system would mean that Merced would be split into six districts and each district would elect one representative to sit on the city council. Each district would have about an equal proportion of voters and candidates would only have to campaign in their district, which could mean candidates would pursue a pool of 13,500 residents instead of 81,000, according to proponents.