Merced Youth: #2Young2Vote But Not Too Young To Care

November 3, 2014 /

by We’Ced Youth Reporters

image: The California Endowment

Editor’s Note: The California Endowment has launched a project called #2Young2Vote in an effort to promote youth voice on matters of policy. We’Ced’s youth reporters spoke with young people who, though legally unable to vote due to age, see the transformative power of voting to change their communities for the better.


Adrian Garcia, 17

Voting represents us. We can choose who we want for our representation and hopefully the best for our country. If you’re of age to vote you should because every vote makes a difference and once vote can determine the passing of a law or the election of a representative. If I could vote this election I would vote for Prop 46 because healthcare is really important to my family.


Jamie De La Paz, 16

Voting is a right given to us by the founding fathers for a reason. People that are of age to vote should because it allows the government to know what people approve of or not. Also some people complain about our President but then they don’t vote, they don’t exercise their right to choose their president.


Omar Veliz, 17

With your vote you have the right to criticize the goverment. It’s your right so why would you let that go to waste? If I could vote this election I would vote for Jim Costa because he is from here, the Central Valley. He knows the problems we face.


Ana Lara, 16

Voting is essential. It is our right to participate in legislation and the laws being made because they will be affecting us! If I could vote this election I would vote for Jim Costa. He has helped Latino community and helped the minorities. He is a strong believe in higher education and I also believe in that!

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