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Fonzie’s Road to Recovery: A Daschund With IVDD

September 8, 2014 /

I did everything I could to follow the directions for intensive home care. He had to be in a crate which limited his movements. I had to massage all along his spine and stretch out his hind legs to align his back. He had to be carried to and from the backyard in order to relieve himself. Fonzie couldn’t even reach the food bowl on his own; I had to feed him by hand until he gained more mobility.

Coco and I: The Importance of A Pet

December 9, 2013 /

Coco took a piece of my heart with her to the grave, but I am thankful for the memories I have of my times with her. They help fill the void of her absence. Happiness is what she has brought me and I’ll always be happy when I think of her. As always a best friend would want another to be happy alive or not.