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Reimagine Justice Merced: A Conversation with Common

October 24, 2018 /

We'Ced Youth Media reporters Stephanie Gurtel and Victor Seguin sat down with Common during his stop in Merced, Calif. on his 'Hope and Redemption Tour.'

From Oakland and LA: Finally, Good News on the School to Prison Pipeline

November 17, 2015 /

But while we acknowledge the progress that has been made, we must recognize how much further we have to go. There remains just over two million youth arrested each year in America. This would include the South Carolina girl and many like her where no video was taken. On any given day, there are nearly 70,000 youth incarcerated in the United States – six times the rate of England.

Fresno Schools Turning Away From Zero Tolerance

April 15, 2013 /

Data shows that one in 9 students are suspended nationally, with racial disparities widening. The Central Valley city of Fresno, CA. is among districts seeking to reverse this trend. Under a zero-tolerance school discipline policy, the district has long seen high numbers of both suspensions and expulsions. But in a major reversal last week, Superintendent Michael Hanson announced that he would begin funding district-wide restorative justice programs. Jane Stevens is founder and editor of ACES Too High, which focuses on adverse childhood experiences (ACE). Stevens, a journalist who has long covered school discipline practices in Fresno, spoke with New America Media about decision.

School Discipline

February 1, 2013 /

As my story shows,
some people fight for silly reasons. School violence
is not common, but it is a problem. Fights can occur at any time. They can also be prevented in many ways. Schools seem to have good measures to prevent violence, however, the ones who can really prevent violence are the ones who engage in it, the students them- selves.