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The High Price of Procrastination—and How to Avoid It

October 1, 2015 /

People my age definitely have a reputation for leaving things until the last moment, but it can be dangerous lifestyle that can affect our future. The downward spiral of procrastination in my peers is further fueled by increasing social media and phone usage—people my age send and receive an average of 30 distracting texts per day.

Teens and Stress

April 23, 2014 /

The APA says stress can either be an immediate reaction to something temporary, or an experience that can last quite a while when stressors are constant. Stressors are individual internal or external things that induce stress. Stress is dangerous when it affects someone’s ability to function normally for an extended period of time. These findings led We’Ced to a robust discussion on what stress and stressors look like locally, as well as stress management strategies.

Where Has The Live Music Gone?

December 10, 2013 /

Local music brings us closer together and creates bonds as a community. For youth like me, shows are places where we can let it all out and make memories with each other. Shows provide a place for youth to do something better with our time than being bored at home or running the streets in mischief. Merced has a rich music history with many great all-ages venues, such as The Mainzer and Fatty Mocha.